An in depth analysis of the content of president clintons speech

Editor's note: this has been updated at 1:25 pm et friday with additional fact- checking information hillary clinton accepted the democratic nomination for president thursday night, delivering a speech that lays out her plan to address terrorist threats and create jobs npr's politics team annotated. Political observers have probably spent more time dissecting donald trump's speech patterns than any presidential candidate in recent history interest in my analysis of clinton's rhetoric draws on research conducted by psychologist james pennebaker of the university of texas at austin pennebaker. Hillary clinton accepting her presidential nomination and her daughter chelsea introducing her mom with loving memories are just a few of the memorable moments that's why it's critical for her to pull in as many allies as possible, she said, and thursday night's speech was a critical part of that effort. Read the full text of the speech below: my fellow citizens, today we celebrate the mystery of american renewal this ceremony is held in the depth of winter, but by the words we speak and the faces we show the world, we force the spring, a spring reborn in the world's oldest democracy that brings forth the. Bill clinton's speech at the democratic national convention has gotten a lot of attention -- and understandably so while factcheckorg called it a fact-checker's nightmare and others criticized it for being too long, there's something about clinton's speech that made it stand out: good writing there are. When hillary clinton gave her concession speech acknowledging that she'd lost to donald trump in the presidential election, she broke with tradition in saturday night live's opening skit this weekend featured its clinton character, played by kate mckinnon, singing a mournful rendition of “hallelujah”, as. A fortune analysis of all concession speech transcripts since 1952, when adlai stevenson gave the first televised post-election address after losing to dwight d eisenhower, revealed that none of clinton's forerunners said “sorry” to their disappointed voters “this is not the outcome we wanted or we.

an in depth analysis of the content of president clintons speech But i wanted to hear more i wanted to hear something that signalled a real burying of the hatchet don't forget, trump promised to investigate and prosecute clinton if he became president the chances of that happening still exist and going down that path would drive the wedge even deeper in american.

Former president bill clinton addressed the dnc tuesday night he opened up about the moment he met hillary, and how she opened his eyes to a new world of public service he also discussed why hillary would make a great president watch his full remarks sunday drive - paid content by toyota. If you were following any journalists on twitter last night, one of the most remarked upon aspects of bill clinton's nomination speech was how liberally he deviated from the prepared text we decided to compare the two versions. Bill clinton (1946-), the 42nd us president, served in office from 1993 to 2001 prior to that, the arkansas native and democrat was governor of his home state during clinton's time in the white house, america enjoyed an era of peace and prosperity, marked by low unemployment, declining crime rates and a budget. The guardian's research included a broad study of all 8,052 videos as well as a more focused content analysis, which assessed 1,000 of the top for example, a video of a speech in which michelle obama was highly critical of trump's treatment of women was deemed to have leaned in favour of clinton.

Contracts and emails connected to speeches bill clinton gave offer a glimpse into the unusual demands and outsize expense reports associated with bringing hillary clinton would later say her family at that time was dead broke and deep in debt after years of attorneys' fees related to impeachment and. This is a rhetorical analysis of one of bill clinton's most famous speeches.

He offered an equally detailed affirmative case for the re-election of mr obama, saying there was no question the country was in a better position than it in a convention hall still buzzing from mr clinton's speech well after it ended, delegates said they believed the former president had managed to give. 5the textual analysis of the three speeches is conducted within the general framework of cda, critical discourse analysis according to fairclough (188) one cannot properly analyse content without simultaneously analysing form, because contents arc always necessarily realized in forms, and different contents entail.

An in depth analysis of the content of president clintons speech

It was anti-elitist that is where you get this critical eye on plain speech but compared with other white male presidents, bush seems to have taken it to a different level he's not just speaking plainly right obama pretty soon is going to have to make the shift away from style and talk about content, and that's. Graphic detail jul 29th 2016 by the data team few party-convention speeches have differed more in tone than those given by hillary clinton and donald trump the economist calculated sentiment scores for every party- convention speech delivered by a presidential candidate since 1980, by counting the number of.

  • Wednesday's convention programming followed tuesday's standard script: red meat for the base in the early hours, capped off with a slightly sweeter offering in prime time for independent consumption but there was nothing routine about bill clinton's speech the 48-minute address -- nearly 3,200 words.
  • Naive bayes for text analysis here, i use machine learning to make a judgement on hillary clinton's uniqueness how by using her 2016 campaign speeches from clinton's campaign website, by mixing it up with speeches from other us presidents (including some of her husband's speeches), and by.
  • Mr president, you are not leading this natiost managing the government you don't see the people enough any more some of your cabinet members don't seem loyal there is not enough discipline among your disciples don't talk to us about politics or the mechanics of government, but about an understanding of our.

The following is a full transcript of the public address, global challenges, given by former us president william j clinton at yale university on october 31, 2003 second main shared responsibility (and i'll talk more about this in a minute) is to build institutions of global cooperation across a wide range of areas,. Five trends in presidential rhetoric: an analysis of rhetoric from george washington to bill clinton applying computer‐assisted content analysis to all the inaugural addresses and annual messages delivered between 1789 and 2000, the author identifies and explores five significant changes in. Bill clinton has decades of public-speaking experience, a deep well of charisma, and record high favorability ratings but even mere mortals can borrow a few of his simple techniques to make our own presentations shine.

An in depth analysis of the content of president clintons speech
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