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Tamil language teacher training scheme the 4-year tamil language teacher training scheme (tl tts) is designed for those with at least gce 'o' levels who wish to become tamil language (tl) teachers in our primary schools this programme rides on the diploma in tamil studies with. Singapore university of social sciences is the only local university that offers an undergraduate programme in tamil language and literature this degree programme caters to the needs of adults who aspire to enhance their competence and knowledge levels in tamil language and literature it is jointly developed by. Tamil (தமிழ்) belongs to the southern branch of the dravidian language family, spoken in southern india and northeastern sri lanka from prehistoric times it is spoken as a native language by 61. Tamil language, member of the dravidian language family, spoken primarily in india it is the official language of the indian state of tamil nadu and the union territory of puducherry (pondicherry) it is also an official language in sri lanka and singapore and has significant numbers of speakers in malaysia, mauritius, fiji,. Ashfield balar malar tamil educational association inc ashfield boys high school 117 liverpool road ashfield nsw 2131 directions to ashfield boys high school.

Tamil is a dravidian language predominantly spoken by the tamil people of india and sri lanka, and by the tamil diaspora, sri lankan moors, burghers, douglas, and chindians tamil is an official language of two countries: sri lanka and singapore it has official status in the indian state of tamil nadu and the indian. Tamil is spoken wherever there are tamil people this is mainly in south india and sri lanka it has official language status in sri lanka, singapore and the indian regions of tamil nadu and the union territory of puducherry it is spoken by minority groups in malaysia, réunion, mauritius, south africa and. Category:ta:all topics: tamil terms organized by topic, such as family or chemistry category:terms derived from tamil: categories with terms derived from tamil in various specific languages category:user ta: wiktionary users categorized by fluency levels in tamil.

Google on wednesday announced the launch of tamil language support for its advertising products — google adwords and google adsense the internet giant said these products would support the tamil language web publishers and also help advertisers to reach out to the large base of internet users. Information about tamil, a dravidian language spoken mainly in southern india, sri lanka and singapore by about 675 million people. South asia language resource center (salrc) this project was supported in part by the south asia language resource center under a grant from the us department of education. Tamil language, history and literature people and language the land of tamil speech and people was in ancient times ruled by three famous lines of king , the chera, chola, and pandiya the land ruled by them was called chera nadu (chera country), chola nadu (chola country), and pandiya nadu ( pandiaya.

Ezhil, in tamil language script (tamil: எழில், translit eḻil, lit 'beauty', tamil pronunciation: [eɻil̪]), is a compact, open source, interpreted, programming language, originally designed to enable native-tamil speaking students, k-12 age-group to learn computer programming, and enable learning numeracy and. 2/3 national university of singapore tamil language society சிங்கப்பூர்த் தேசிய பல்கலைக்கழகத் தமிழ்ப் பேரவை facebook - white circle youtube - white circle instagram - white circle home about tls executive committee our projects gallery archives.

Tamil language

tamil language Oldies and goodies: from ancient languages such as hebrew to tamil check out our list of the ten oldest languages in the world.

Addressing young minds at his 'pariksha pe charcha' (discussion on exams) on friday, before students across the country sit for their board exams, prime minister narendra modi said, “tamil is the oldest language it is older than sanskrit and is beautiful” continuing with his charcha-style meetings, after.

  • Learn tamil at soas language centre in london we provide beginners, intermediate and advanced courses in a range of african and asian languages, and can cater for the needs of commerce, industry, government and public organisations.
  • Tamil department embarks on innovative programmes to create a conducive learning environment for our olgc girls to become active learners, who will be able to use the language proficiently in ever changing globalized world the department particularly embarks on student–centric education, such as the linguistic.

Dina thanthi one of the top selling tamil-language newspapers go to dinakaran dinakaran popular tamil-language newspaper based in chennai go to dinamalar dinamalar leading tamil newspaper printed from chennai, coimbatore, madurai, puducherry, trichy, tirunelveli, and salem go to dina mani. Tamil has an important place in understanding south asia,being simultaneously a modern language spoken chiefly in india, sri lanka, malaysia, and singapore, and a classical language boasting a continuous history of writing of about 2,500 years with inscriptional, literary and commentarial texts as the oldest documented. Spoken by eighty million people, tamil is one of the great world languages, and one of the few ancient languages that survives as a mother tongue david shulman presents a comprehensive cultural history of tamil, emphasizing how its speakers and poets have understood the unique features of their language over its. 63 nayanars in a shiva temple - the twelve devotees of vishnu who are recognized as poet-saints by the srlvaisnava community were called the alvars and the sixty-three devotees of siva were known as nayanmars tirumankai alvar and nammawar wrote over half of the four thousand verses [in tamil language] that.

tamil language Oldies and goodies: from ancient languages such as hebrew to tamil check out our list of the ten oldest languages in the world. tamil language Oldies and goodies: from ancient languages such as hebrew to tamil check out our list of the ten oldest languages in the world.
Tamil language
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